Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving - Part 1

We celebrated the Sunday before Thanksgiving with the Birds. Rue Rue cooked most of the great dinner and I brought a few sides and Leah brought a couple of desserts. Everything was YUMMY!

Braden hanging out with the cooks.

The men being men
Braden and Aunt Leah

Brooks and Ray Ray....not quite sure what they were playing!

Braden LOVED the food...SHOCKER!

Some went around for seconds!

After dinner we tried to get a few family shots. Here is Grandma Bon with her great-grandsons. Braden threw a ball the entire time....the only way he would actually sit.

What a great-looking family!

Rue Rue and Papaw with their THREE handsome grandsons.

The Bird side

(This isn't really a Thanksgiving picture, but I took it soon after, when Braden discovered the phone. He constantly says, "Hellwo." Notice he is using a remote!

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