Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas with Papaw and Rue Rue

Last night we celebrated Christmas with Papaw and Rue Rue. Rue Rue cooked a great dinner and we had fun being together. Of course, Brooks and Ray were VERY anxious for us to finish eating so we could OPEN PRESENTS!!! (I remember being the exact same way when I was little.) All 3 grandsons got these awesome Pottery Barn bean bags. (Brooks has laid on his all morning and Braden has LOVED climbing on his.) Brooks also got a Wii game, Foosball game, books, and lots more things I can't remember! Braden got lots of BALLS. That is his favorite toy and word so they were perfect! He also got a HUGE dog from Ray Ray that he loves to kiss and a great riding toy! Jeff got lots of nice things...including a great jacket and Visa gift card and I got a personalized recipe book, a cool initial cup and a PANDORA bracelet!! We had a great time and it was great to kick the Christmas season off with such special people!

Can you see the excitement on their faces??? Brooks' eyes look like they are about to pop out of his head!

Before the chaos

Three sweet little heads

We tried several times to get a "grandsons" pictures...these were the best!

Daddy fixing one of the beanbags.
Braden loving on his new ball.

Rue Rue and Papaw help us so much by keeping Braden on Tuesdays and every other Wednesdays (and picking Brooks up from preschool some days too) and they will never take a dime of "grandsitting" money. We wanted to do something special for Christmas to thank them so we got them a new TV for their bedroom.
The boys LOVED the boxes that the beanbags came in. Again it is true....Of all the toys that they got, they loved playing in the boxes the MOST!

Papaw's boys

After we got home we let the boys watch a few minutes of TV while we unloaded our loot from the van......I am thinking that they LOVED the beanbags!

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