Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Surprise

On December 9th I gave Jeff an early Christmas surprise. I bought tickets to the Colts/Titans game! He had mentioned a few times over the last several years that he had never been to a NFL game and he would like to go sometime. Since he really likes the Colts, I got a great idea back in the fall of surprising him with tickets. When I looked up the game I was a little disappointed that it was on a Thursday, but decided that would make an even better surprise....Jeff missing a day of school! So I arranged for Papaw and Rue Rue to keep the boys, bought tickets, arranged for Jeff to have a sub, packed our bags, switched his bus duty, and bought the tickets....all without Jeff knowing! Am I sneaky or what??? I think I even surprised myself! We had a great time together....It was nice to have some adult time and I was shocked at how much I enjoyed the game too! It was REALLY cold that night, but we had so many layers on that we hardly noticed!

The closest we could get to Peyton!


All bundled up!

It was a GOOD game!

Jeff was VERY excited to touch one of his wrestling idols.....Ric Flair! He was the 12th Titan.

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