Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun Summer Pics

Here are some random pictures that were taken this summer. Most are of Braden because he is into SO MUCH right now and because Brooks had solo reign on this blog for over 3 1/2 years! HA!
The summer seemed to just fly, but we have had so much fun together!
Braden's first time turned around in his car seat... this is the backup car seat....the better one is in the van. He loves being turned around!

Playing with brother's undies on his head!
This is Braden's favorite thing to do. He will crawl to Brooks' room and look to see if he mistakenly left his bathroom door open. You see he LOVES to crawl into the bathroom, climb up on the stool, and use Brooks' toothbrush! It is so funny, but we are afraid he will fall off the stool so we try to remind Brooks to close his bathroom door. If we ever have a hard time finding Braden we know to look in Brooks' bathroom.....he is usually in their brushing his teeth!

Brooks buttoned his shirt for church by himself...he was so proud....can you tell he skipped a button?

Brooks wanted to rock Braden one day....too sweet!

My sweet boys!

Playing with blocks!

Messy, Messy boy who LOVES to EAT!

Braden discovered my sock crate one day.... he played and played in it! I had to do a little picking up afterwards, but that was OK!

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