Friday, June 25, 2010

Braden at 10 months

Well, my baby is now 10 months old.....boohoo! He is so big, but the sweetest thing ever. Everyone comments on how happy he is and what a great smile that he has... of course I agree! His biggest accomplishment this month is pulling up. He is crawling and pulling up to EVERYTHING! If we can't find him I go to Brooks' room and almost always find him in there. He loves his ball goal! Poor baby had a rough week last week. He ran a high fever for 3 days and I took him to the doctor 3 times. They treated him for his ear infections (from 2 weeks ago) and thought he had a bacteria from that. He had to get 3 days of Ruceffin shots. However, he broke out with a bad rash on Friday so Jeff took him back to the doctor (yes, 4 times in 1 week!) and they diagnosed him with Roseola. He has felt so much better this week. He lost weight last week, but I am guessing he is about 23 1/2 pounds and still wearing 18 month clothes. He LOVES to crawl around after Brooks and sounds like he is saying, "Brrr." We are not sure if he is trying to say "Brooks" or " brother." They are so sweet together... hoping it will last!

My big boy
Just about ready to crawl out of the chair

Look what I can do!

I love this dimpled paci smile.... makes getting up at 5am worth it!

This is a common scene at our house. Braden LOVES to pull up to Brooks, especially if he is playing the wii. Braden already loves holding the wii remote. He is wanting to be like brother!

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