Monday, April 19, 2010

Wee-Ball ..... we LOVE it!

Well, I am officially a baseball mom.... and I LOVE it! Brooks played his first regular season game last Friday night and it was a blast! He is in heaven! He plays at the pitcher's mound. About 90% of the balls come to him and he usually stops or catches most of them. He got two doubles at the game too. It is so funny to watch these 4 and 5 year olds. A lot of them play in the dirt, lay down, run the wrong way, go to the wrong dugout... I could go on and on. We all laugh so hard at the kids, they are just too precious!

Brooks chose to be the #7. He said it was because he gets up at 7 every morning. (Well, I guess that is one way to pick a number!)

Daddy helps coach.

Look at this dugout shot. The other night they were having to bribe some of the kids to hit by giving them gum! (Brooks LOVES to hit and field, but some of the kids are "over it" after about 15 minutes.)

This was his first slide into 3rd base.

Playing pitcher

Go Dodgers!

Shaking hands after the game... DODGERS WON 13 to 7!

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