Thursday, February 11, 2010

February Fun

It is hard to believe that February is about half over! Time sure does fly these days! We have had several snows lately and have enjoyed daddy getting to stay at home from school. We have all been battling sicknesses as well. Brooks has had 3 ear infections in 6 weeks. I took him again today because he said that his right ear was, "silent." They are not infected, but have a lot of fluid around them. He cannot hear thunder and is turning the TV up SO LOUD! They are going to give it a few more weeks to see if they can drain, if not we are headed to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor........pray they will drain! Braden has had a bad cough this week (Brooks was nice enough to share that with him!) So they checked him over today and said that it is just a congested cough... no RSV ... thank goodness. Our little heavy weight is at 19 pounds now and I can barely carry him in the car seat carrier! We have been staying at home quite a bit trying to get over all these sicknesses so we have several pictures of us just hanging out at home. (Brooks is like me... he is a homebody!) He has been having fun at preschool too. Last week they had pajama day and then we had a great time at his Valentine's Party on Tuesday.

The beginning of the snow a couple of weeks ago.
Brooks, Hallie, and Alyssa built a snowman and had a snowball fight!

New rain/snow boots

We had ice on the driveway, but not on the street.

Daddy and Braden watched from inside.... where it was warm!

Braden has taken up some sports lately.

Braden after church on Sunday.... he is wearing an 18 month sweater.... he looks so big to me!

He LOVES this toy that he got from Santa.

He knows a good looking boy when he sees one!

Brooks has taken up shaving with daddy.... so he thinks.

Two of my good looking Bird boys (men)

Brooks at his Valentine's Party.

He is getting ready to hand out his "Up" Valentine's cards.

Me and one of my favorite Valentine's!

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