Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a sickly Thanksgiving. We began celebrating on the Sunday before Thanksgiving at Rue Rue and Papaw's. Brooks had the croup a few days before and began running a fever that night. He was whiny and didn't feel good so we didn't get to stay as long as I had hoped! (This explains the lack of pictures too!) Rue Rue cooked a great meal and we enjoyed our time together!

Rue Rue and Papaw with Braden

Uncle Tommy

Then we had to take Brooks home..........
I thought Brooks was getting better, but on Wednesday he woke up SO WHINY and not feeling well again. We had the car loaded and ready to pull out for Grammie and Papa's and we decided to take him back to the doctor before leaving town. By the time we got to the doctor, Brooks' cheeks were blood red and his temp was 104! They tested him for strep and then did a blood culture and determined that he had a bacterial infection. He was prescribed a very high powered antibiotic (can't remember the name right now) and we decided to just go back to our house and wait until at least Thursday to go to Grammie and Papa's. We woke up Thursday and Brooks was still running a fever, but is was not as high and he said that he felt a lot better. So we loaded the car up AGAIN and headed to Lebanon. We had been driving about 15 minutes when Brooks said he had to potty. We pulled over and thus began the diarrhea. We had to stop 2 more times for diarrhea and then the real fun hit in Cookeville. All of a sudden Brooks said, "I have to throw up!" Jeff began getting off the interstate and we were saying," Wait, Wait!" I was looking at some of the ads from the paper and I quickly gave one to him and he threw up EVERYWHERE! (He was having a reaction to his medicine.)We pulled into a gas station and it was disgusting. A pool of vomit was in his lap, carseat, the Target ad..... I mean everywhere! I grabbed some new clothes from a bag and took him inside while Jeff did the clean up in the car. (Braden slept through all of this part!) Finally, we went back to the car and Jeff had the seat cleaned up the best that he could. About this time Braden was waking up and ready to eat (this 2 1/2 hour trip had taken 4 hours). So I got him out of the carseat and nursed him in the car while we were at the gas station. All of a sudden, I felt something warm and wet, I said, "You have got to be kidding me!" Braden had peed ALL OVER ME! (He is getting too BIG for his size 2 diapers, but I am trying to use all of them before I buy more!) His diaper had leaked! My pants were so wet! I looked at Jeff and said, "Well, should we laugh or cry?" We both decided to laugh! We finally made it to Lebanon about 15 minutes before Thanksgiving dinner was served. It tasted wonderful and it was great being with the entire family!
*** Disclaimer..... We rented the movie "Up" for Brooks on Wednesday when he was sick. We forgot to turn it back in at the Red Box in East TN so we decided to just turn it in in Lebanon.... Brooks was holding the movie when he got sick...... therefore I would not rent the movie "Up" from any Red Box in the Lebanon area!*******

Thanksgiving prep... at my aunt and uncles

The kids' table

Ian and Olivia in a deep conversation

Vance says.... CHEESE

The ladies table

Grammie holding our butterball

Turkey makes you tired.... right?

Let the games begin

Allison and Braden

Black Friday morning mom and I did our usual shopping trip to Kohls at 5:00 am. Thankfully, my SIL, Cryste,went to Target even earlier and got several other hot items that I was wanting. We got a lot of shopping done, while the men kept the children!

Melia helped take care of Braden

Uncle Keith and Aunt Cryste gave Braden a Bumbo and he was trying it out for the 1st time.

There was a lot of Wii time. Here Uncle Keith belts out a song on "American Idol."

That night we had a wiener roast and roasted marshmallows.

Ready for church on Sunday

More Wii play after church and then we all headed home. Thankfully, Brooks began feeling better on Friday and was FINALLY back to normal on Sunday! We are so thankful for children who are healthy......most of the time!

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