Sunday, September 06, 2009

Hanging out.... at HOME!

Well, we are pretty much under house arrest since Braden's illness. (Don't get me wrong, we are SO THANKFUL that is he well and did not have to spend weeks in the hospital like we originally thought.) However, I did think because he was going to be a summer baby that I wouldn't have to spend as much time cooped up, like I did when Brooks was born. After asking several pediatricians during his illness, we decided to try and keep him away from the "public" for at least 4-6 weeks. This will give him time for his immune system to build back up a little. So this means we are spending A LOT of time at home. I LOVE being at home, I really do, but I also like being able to go to the store, mall, church, etc when I need/want to as well. With Braden nursing, these activities are hard to do..... which makes me a stir-crazy-momma some days! Brooks has done really well sharing my time and staying at home. One day Rue Rue and Papaw came over for a couple of hours and Brooks and I went and bought daddy a b-day gift and then last Friday Brooks, Braden, and I took a little trip to the park..... fresh air never made anyone sick...right?? Even though these times are a little trying and exhausting, I am going to treasure EVERY minute. The other day I was rocking Brooks (YES, WE STILL ROCK!) and reading him some books before his nap and Braden was asleep in his bouncy seat at my feet and I thought to myself, "Lord, thank you, it doesn't get any better than this!"
This is Braden's idea of "hanging out." He is just plum exhausted from his tummy time!

One day Brooks and I did a little craft. We made Braden's foot and handprint from a kit that Mrs. Jane and Mr. Frank gave us. Of course, Brooks had to make one too!

We have been taking several walks around the neighborhood. Brooks likes to push Braden in his stroller. He has been the BEST big brother!

Worn out from our walk!

Here he is checking out his mobile that Brooks passed down to him. Look how long he is! I think he looks a lot older than 2 weeks here!
Cousin Meredith made this beautiful blanket for him and brought it to him at the hospital. It goes PERFECT in his room. We love it!

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