Sunday, September 27, 2009

Braden - week 5

Braden gets more and more fun everyday. He is awake a little more, smiling, and even beginning to bat at some toys that are in front of him. We are having a lot of fun around here!

Week in review.......

He discovered his thumb...... we are pushing the paci! He loves relaxing on our bed in the mornings while looking out the window. Sometimes when he moves, he gets low in the Boppy and plays peek-a-boo!
He took MANY naps this week.

Papa and Grammie came to visit and Brooks and Papa played the Wii... A LOT!

Grammie and Papa went with Brooks and me to take Braden to the doctor. They were a big help!

He and Brooks had several long brother chats.

He smiled at the thought of tummy time.

On Saturday he got to meet Cousin Katlyn. She is just about 5 months older. We are going to have lots of fun together. He also got to meet Aunt Lynette, Cousin Tracy, and Matt too! We had fun visiting together.

Braden and Brooks had a cousin picture made with Grandma Bon and her 4 great-grandchildren.

Braden and Katlyn ..... the sweet babies of the family.

He even got into a battle with Cousin Meredith (Georgia fan) and Chris (Florida fan). He said, "Go Vols."

We had a GREAT week!

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