Saturday, September 26, 2009

1 month Checkup

I took Braden this week for his 1 month checkup. I was shocked to learn that he now weighs 11lbs and 8 ozs. and he has grown 2 inches this month! He is in the 85% in weight and 90% for length! The doctor said, "He is a big boy!" Bless Brooks' heart, I struggled for months to get him to gain weight. I remember taking him for his 1 month appointment and he had only gained 9 ozs from his birth weight! I told Jeff that I think that I made skim milk with Brooks and now I am producing whole milk.... maybe even cream! HA! Braden checked out great in his appointment. He has a small amount of reflux, but not enough to warrant putting him on medicine. Also his extensive hearing test that they performed when we were at Children's came back normal. (Sometimes meningitis can affect the hearing.) Our favorite doctor, Dr. Bean, said that he was perfectly healthy. He told me that he knew the meningitis would probably always be in the back of my mind, but he was a perfectly healthy 1 month old and to try and relax. I asked about taking him out in public now and he said that was fine. So tomorrow we are going to church together as a family of FOUR! We are still going to keep him close to us there and not take him a lot of places for a few more weeks, but I am dying to show him off to so many people at church that prayed for him. We are blessed with such a great church family!

At 1 month Braden sleeps about 18 hours a day.... I think he may be the great sleeper that I prayed for!!!
He is VERY content and happy when he is awake. He nurses every 3 hours. He loves to sit on our bed in the morning and look out the window. He makes ALL kinds of noises (especially at night) which scares me to death. (It is part of his reflux.) He can pass gas like a MAN! He has begun to smile and really look at us. He has COMPLETED our family..... we are so blessed to have him!

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