Saturday, July 04, 2009

Run Forest(s), Run

Last night we went to see Jeff run the Fireball 5K in Knoxville. It was a great night and they ran around part of the UT campus which was COOL! Brooks has been running some with Jeff so he was really wanting to run in the race too. We explained that it was 3 miles ( a long way for a 3 year old) and he could not run this year. However, we were really surprised and excited when we got there and learned that they were having a ..... Kid's 200 Yard Dash. Brooks was ecstatic and of course wanted to be in the race. I took him to the start line and Jeff stayed at the finish line.... he never stopped and Jeff said that he had his "game face" on when he crossed the line!

Daddy and Brooks stretching The kids at the start line
Brooks running .....(he is in the red shorts).

Brooks won a medal and of course he needed water when he was finished!

He also got a certificate.... which he was VERY proud of.

Then it was time for Daddy's race to begin.

Daddy did great too! He ran the 5K in about 28 minutes!

My two winners (that is why Brooks is holding up a 2.)

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