Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fun on the Fourth

We had a great Fourth of July! We began the day with swimming at our neighbor's pool. I am trying to teach Brooks how to swim... or at least get him comfortable with going under, kicking, beginning using his arms, etc. I am kinda limited this summer (being 8 1/2 months pregnant), but it is my goal to have him swimming across the pool by the end of next summer!

While we were swimming Papaw and Rue Rue did a fly over in their plane. Brooks is hoping to go with them next time!

Then we got dry and headed to the Greenback Parade. Can you go to a parade without getting cotton candy?

The Grand Marshal was Rue Rue and Papaw's preacher, Doug Sager. He is a resident of Greenback.

Brooks would have LOVED to have ridden in this train.

Come on people..... show me the love.... give up the candy!

Jeff thought this guy was great. Apparently, he made some type of vehicle out of his recliner... every man's dream!

After all of us took a nap we headed to our neighbor's for a cookout. Brooks swam again, played ball, jumped on the trampoline, and then the we shot fireworks!

Brooks was sooooooooo excited about the sparklers and watching the fireworks.

We had a AWESOME day!

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