Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Brother's Bib!

No, I know what you are thinking.... Brooks is 3 and still wearing a bib...that doesn't even say his name?? He is just showing off his new baby brother's bib. Yes, we found out for sure yesterday that Baby Bird #2 is definitely a BOY! We were thrilled! Good thing too because I already had this bib monogrammed. We are 99% sure that his name will be Braden ? Bird. I think I know what the ? will be, but I am still having to do some persuading with Jeff! Everything with my ultrasound went well and Braden looks good and healthy. I was excited to have only gained 8 pounds during the whole first half of my pregnancy.... I think by this time with Brooks I had gained over 15! We go back in April for my 22 week appointment and the BIG ultrasound. (I didn't post any of the ultrasound pics this time because it was just of couple of pictures of his "private parts." We were completely convinced he was a boy, believe me!)

(This bib is part of the brand new baby/kids line of 31. All the products are being released on April 1st, but since I am a director I got to order some things early. I thought this bib was too cute! I will have to post some of the rest of their baby products later!)
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Justin and Elizabeth said...

Yayyyy! I am so glad that everything went well. That is great that you have only gained 8 pounds. I cant believe that you are halfway there. We are already excited to meet Braden.

P.S. I love the bib, cant wait to see the rest of the line.

Laura Beth said...

Congratulations! Two boys will be so much fun! Glad he's healthy!