Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our BIG news!

Yes, you heard it right from Brooks' mouth...... we are expecting another baby!!! My due date is August 23rd! We found out a week before Christmas (what an awesome Christmas gift!) We always give our parents a picture calendar each year with all the grandkid's pictures in it. Well, this Christmas we put a sign on the August page that said, "Reserved for Baby Bird #2." Everyone was excited!! We waited until I was about 9 weeks to tell Brooks. He went with us to the doctor then and got to hear the heartbeat and see the baby on the ultrasound. I don't think he quite knew what to think. I have been quite sick with this little one. In fact, I have been sicker in one night with this one than I was the ENTIRE pregnancy with Brooks. It usually hits about 5:00 pm. I am almost 14 weeks now so hopefully the sickness will stop soon! The good news is that I have only gained 1/2 pound the first 13 weeks.... I am sure the weight will begin to pile on when I feel better!!! Here is the picture from Monday's ultrasound. I can't believe how much he has grown. Dr. Roberts said, "Look at that BIG head." I groaned and said, "NOT AGAIN." (That is a story for another day!) We also think that this baby is another boy. As she was doing the ultrasound she said, "I think I see something." I was shocked that she thought she could tell this early, but the picture is pretty convincing!! We will find out for sure in March, but for now we are calling it a boy...... Two sweet boys, not much more a Mommy could ask for!! This is the picture of "his" bottom. It could be the cord, but I am thinking it is something else!! We got another indication that it was a boy when it grabbed itself down there during the ultrasound!! Amazing how boys begin to scratch that early!!!! (If this is a girl she will probably kill me one day!)

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Holly said...

Very excited for you!!! Leah had told us a while back but I since I hadn't seen you post anything I hadn't said anything to anyone or to you. I figured you might be waiting to get to a certain point before sharing! Congratulations!! I hope you feel better soon! I was sicker with the second one too and everything has been more uncomfortable this time as well! Can't wait to continue to hear and see updates!