Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brooks & Reagan = Birthday Buddies

Yesterday Brooks and I traveled to meet his newest friend, Reagan Jennings. Reagan's mom, Elizabeth, and I were college roommates. She and I did not know each other before Tech, but we became fast friends and are great friends to this day. She and Mr. Justin just live about an hour away so we try and get together every couple of months. We were so excited when we found out that they were expecting Baby Reagan and we were even more excited when she was born on BROOKS' BIRTHDAY! She is a sweet baby and so cute. She looks older than a month, doesn't she? Probably because she weighed over 10lbs at birth!!!!! All I have to say is, Bless your heart, Elizabeth!!! We had a fun time visiting and holding Reagan. Brooks missed Mr. Justin because he was at school so we all took pizza to his school and ate lunch with him. We had a great day! Brooks trying to help her "play."
She was soooo sweet!

Brooks loved the Doodle Pro Mrs. Elizabeth got him.

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