Thursday, February 26, 2009

3 Year Old Doctor's Visit and Potty Progress

Last Thursday, I took Brooks for his 3 year appointment. He still had a little left over cough from his croup, but other than that he was great! (On a side note, when I took him in for the croup, a few days before, the doctor congratulated him on going 2 months without croup... isn't that sad, but funny!) I got a huge shock when the nurse told me his stats: 90% in height (no shocker there), but he was........ (are you ready for this)..... 73% in weight!!!! I said, "Are you kidding me, this boy averages 30% in weight and has never been above 50%." She looked again and said it was correct. Looks like I am getting me a little chubby bunny.... Yeah right, I get, "He's so skinny," comments all the time! I am not worried about it anymore though. He is built just like Jeff, tall and skinny, and that is fine with me! Dr. Bean said that this is the last time that they normally do a head circumference check and of course his was still over 100%. This is something that they have continued to watch and measure. We all realized at about 9 months that this is just a kid with a HUGE brain and I stopped worrying about it. However, I am hoping this next baby's head is not quite as big..... at least until after it is born!
I also asked Dr. Bean for Potty HELP! I told him about Brooks pooping in his pull-up and he began the, he's a boy... watch the time of day speech. I told him that I don't have to watch the time of day he tells me, we put on a pull-up, and within 2 minutes he says, "I'm done." Dr. Bean said, "Oh....... it is time to get rid of those PULL-UPS. He is using those as a crutch." (I thought to myself he is using them for more than a crutch, but I didn't say anything!) So I am proud to report that Brooks has poo pooed in the potty ever since last Thursday!!! After the doctor's visit he told me he needed a pull-up and I said, "No, didn't you hear Dr. Bean, he said NO MORE PULL-UPS." This actually has worked! I guess he doesn't want to disappoint our favorite doctor!! (We still have some potty struggles, but we are "fighting" through them!)
As I left the doctor's office that day, I thought to myself how blessed we are to have a healthy
3 year old! There are some children out there who struggle with their health their entire lives and we are so THANKFUL to have our healthy Brooks!

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