Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

We went to my Grammie and Papa's house again this Christmas. My brother and his family were there too and all the kids had such a great time discovering what all Santa brought them this year. Brooks got Gator golf, building blocks, a pool table, air hockey, a guitar, and several games. I think his favorite was the pool table, even though he has been talking about Gator Golf for months. However, nothing compares to the Wii! (We left our Wii at home, but ironically Melia, Olivia, and Vance got a Wii from Santa so we got to play it all week!) Brooks enjoying his gifts
Melia and Livie checking out their stockings... they each got a cool MP3 player too!

Playing pool

Vance got a cool wagon from Santa

Let the Wii games begin!

Trying out some of the paints that came in Brooks' stocking

More Wii fun

I couldn't find Brooks later in the morning so I went upstairs and found Livie trying out some of her new hair barrettes on him.

Later that afternoon we opened gifts from Grammie and Papa. Look at all that paper... it really did look like a small tornado had just blown through!

Opening more presents... Brooks got a cool basketball game from Grammie and Papa. We assembled it, but I did not get any pictures of it for some reason!

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