Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Little Olympian

We have really enjoyed watching the Olympics the last two weeks... especially Brooks and me! I told Jeff the other day that I didn't know what we would do when they were over! My favorite event to watch was the swimming events... brought back memories of swimming races at Coles Ferry, but I wasn't quite as fast as Micheal Phelps! Brooks' favorite event was diving, but he also enjoyed gymnastics and track and field! Seeing all those athletes in tip-top condition inspires me to get out and workout more... and then sit down in front of the TV with some cookies and watch them race... Ha Ha.
Side note: Jeff and I only have cookies once a week... Thursdays... Yeah for Thursday nights--- Toll House cookies!)

After watching one of the medal ceremonies Brooks wanted a medal to wear. So I went and got one of our half-marathon medals out of the closet. He wore it proudly!

He has waved this flag bravely for the last 2 weeks.

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