Sunday, August 03, 2008

More Brooks Funnies

A couple of weeks ago we were getting ready to leave from church and Jeff mentioned that we needed to run to Home Depot for something. Brooks put his hands over his eyes in the backseat and began to whine, "No, daddy, I not look at any more light fixtures!" (I guess that tells you where we spent the majority of our summer!)

Last week Brooks picked up one of our wedding photos that was sitting on a table and said, "What's this?" I tried to explain that was when daddy and I got married and what happened,
etc. Brooks said, "I get married to." I said, yes, but not for a long time. Then I asked him who he thought he would marry and he said, "In Knoxville." I told him no, you marry a person not a place and he then said, "I marry her." (He was pointing to me in my wedding gown!) How precious!

Many of you know that we call a train Joe. I think it is something my cousin started a long time ago and it just took. Well, Brooks LOVES Joes and especially when we are at my parents' house because the Nashville STAR goes right behind their house about 6 times a day. Well, a couple of weeks ago we were visiting my parents and went to church with them. Someone was praying and they asked for the Lord to be with Joe (he is one of the ministers) and I heard a small gasp. I opened my eyes and heard Brooks tell Jeff, "Daddy, did you hear that? They just prayed for Joe!"

Last night we were doing some Wal-mart shopping and Brooks was singing (no shock there he is either singing or talking CONSTANTLY) anyway, I cracked up when I heard him sing, "I've been working on the railroad, all the BORING day."

A few minutes ago we had the Braves on while folding some laundry. Brooks enjoys just about any sport, but we cracked up when he was watching the baseball game and he said, "That was terrible!" (That does pretty much wrap up the Braves this season!)

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