Monday, August 25, 2008

2-Year Old Pictures "Good Ones"

A few weeks ago our friend and photographer, Christy Bonifacio, invited us over to swim. We LOVED seeing their new house--- it is gorgeous and meeting Baby Alley. Brooks enjoyed swimming with Leo and Joey and playing with some of their toys. While we were there Christy was gracious enough to take a few pictures of Brooks so that I will have a "GOOD" 2-year picture of him. Click below to see the sweet pictures that she took. I LOVE her talent! This was done in about 10 minutes all the while trying to convince him that he could wait just a few more minutes before hitting the pool!

Brooks 2-year old slide show

Here are a few pictures that I took. I didn't get too many because I was trying to chase Brooks down most of the time. Look how beautiful their backyard is!
Boy wrestle time

Joey cheeezzing
Thanks again, Christy!

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Laura Beth said...

Brooks' two year old pictures are so cute! I love the candids! I agree with you - I hate lake water (slimy) and only like the ocean when it is clear and I can tell what is swimming around me!