Friday, July 11, 2008

So Sad!

Well, today was the big day. Brooks sent his pacis a flyin', literally! We had a good time with his little friends here this morning and he was SO excited! When nap time hit he wanted his paci. I explained again and again that his pacis were gone. He cried and I cried. He went to sleep pretty easily, but only slept about 30-40 minutes. (He usually sleeps 2-3 hours!) He awoke absolutely sobbing and wanting his paci. I consoled him for awhile and we went on with our afternoon - mainly playing outside with our neighbors and helping them get ready for their yard sale. Then bedtime came and again he wanted his paci. We recounted the paci party and kept bragging on him and telling him what a big boy he was. He cried and cried. I went back in his room and rocked him awhile and just held him. . . and I cried again. (He never saw me cry.) As soon as I laid him down he again wanted his paci and eventually just cried himself to sleep. I think that I am so sad because I feel as though I have taken away part of his sense of security. Ever since Brooks was born (just hours old) he has had a pacifier. (And I don't regret giving him one. I think the benefits far outweigh the negatives!) And now 2 1/2 years later he has to say goodbye to a source of comfort. . . . and I have to say goodbye to another part of the "baby" stage. I am praying for Brooks to have a good night sleep tonight. My sweet boy is growing up!

Helping me with his paci cupcakes

Showing off his balloons with the pacis attached

Benji mowed for us while at the party.

Pierce came to! We tried giving the pacis to him, but he has recently given up his paci for his THUMB!

Playing and having fun

Eating lunch. . . check out Brooks' pool mohawk!

Just like a smoker trying to break the habit, he had to take one last DRAW!

You can do it. . . just let go!

Bye, Bye pacis. . I'll miss you!

A few minutes later Brooks was still looking up, trying to absorb what just happened.

Family photo of the big day. . No, I was not really crying. . . yet!

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