Sunday, July 06, 2008

Paci Prayers

Well, it is finally time. This Friday is Brooks' paci party. As much as we all dread it, we know that he must give it up sometime and we better do it during the summer. . . when we can all go on a little less sleep. So I came up with the idea a few months ago of celebrating the end of the paci with a party! We have really be talking this party up to Brooks and he knows what is going to happy. He acts excited. We keep telling him that he won't have his paci anymore to sleep with after Friday and he says he knows!!?? Below are the invitations that I made and we sent them to a few friends Brooks' age. We are going to play, eat lunch, and then we are tying all his pacis to balloons and sending them up in the sky and celebrating with cupcakes! I am praying that he is going to surprise me and do well without his paci, but I'm pretty sure that I know my paci-addicted son and we are in for several rough nights!

(The picture is fuzzy.... still having camera issues.)
The inside says:
I have had them since day number one,
But it is time to say goodbye, I am finally done!
So come, play, eat, and have some fun,
As we watch balloons carry my pacis into the sun.

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