Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Fun and Festive Fourth

We had a great Fourth of July. We took Brooks to the Greenback Fourth of July parade and he loved it! We got to see a lot of our students in the parade and Brooks got TONS of candy. After his nap that day he said he wanted to go back to the Christmas Parade! That night we grilled hamburgers and then about 5 houses in our subdivision had a fireworks display. A bunch of us got together at our neighbor's house to watch the fireworks.... Brooks LOVED it and has wanted to see more every night since. I think everyone that lives in Greenback were at the parade. There were SO many people there and it was VERY hot!

Alyssa and Brooks waiting for the fireworks to begin.

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Whitaker Family said...

Strangely enough I don't recognize anyone in the last picture expect for Beth. I only recognized her after recognizing her dogs. Anyhow... this was the first year we didn't see a big display of fireworks. We did our own and were expecting to see the ones Algood did but they got cancelled due to weather. It was a little upsetting. Glad you all had fun.