Monday, June 23, 2008

A Week at Grammie and Papa's

Last week Brooks and I spent the week at Grammie and Papa's. Jeff had to clean blinds at UT with his dad so we decided just to travel back to Lebanon and spend some time with the fam. We always have a great time when we are there, but Brooks always gets up SO early (5:00 ish). That is the only downer! My parents see Brooks fairly often (one weekend a month or so), but they are not use to being with him a week at a time like last week. I think now they understand another reason why we have not made Brooks give up his paci!!! HE TALKS ALL THE TIME! He asks question- after question - after question and tells story after story. Many times repeating the same question again (after we have answered it) and so I have gotten to where I make him tell me the answer. . . and he always knows. My mom says that she thinks that he enjoys hearing himself talk. . . boy are we going to have fun when he begins school!

One thing that Brooks LOVED doing was pretend fishing with Papa. Dad fixed him a reel with a worm on it, but no hook. Dad showed him how to cast it and reel it in. Here they are practicing.
Brooks riding Ian's "bike." He finally got the concept of pedaling.

Brooks got to play with Ian a lot this week. They had a good time together. I took them to the park one day and several people thought they were brothers.

We went to my old stomping ground, Coles Ferry Pool, with Aunt Gwyn, Allison and Ian. (I only spent about 17 summers of my life there. . . dad managed the pool there when I was growing up and then I began working there when I was 16.)
Brooks 2 and Ian 4

Brooks LOVED the baby pool. I enjoyed it too because I got to sit and gab with Gwyn and her friends while Brooks played with some new friends.

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