Friday, June 27, 2008

House Progress (Week... I forget)

This week was kinda slow moving. The builders put on the siding and put in the bathroom and new kitchen window. (We were so excited to get the new kitchen window in . We felt like we were living in a cave after they walled in the other window and door!) They also "mudded" the drywall three different days, trying to get everything smooth and ready for paint! I am really excited about this week. They will be sanding, painting, and hopefully laying the tile in the bathroom. There is a little hole between the existing living room and the new den. (It will be a doorway, but we are waiting as long as possible before tearing into the wall.) The above picture is one of the reasons why we are waiting. Brooks loves to sit and yell at our builder, "Mr. Lee." He is constantly putting is hand through the hole and saying, "What are you doin."

side view

new den

master bath

back view

*Hopefully, just a few weeks to go!

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