Monday, May 26, 2008

More Funnies

Brooks continues to crack us up with things that he says and does. The other day I had him at school and he went over to a computer and began pressing buttons and I said, "No, Brooks," and he said, "But, momma I'm checking my email."(I didn't even know that he knew email was!)

Saturday we went outside and Brooks walked out to the driveway and said, "Wonderful." (He loves being outside that much!)

Brooks has been talking about baptism a lot. (No one has been baptized at our church in several months so we are not sure why he has begun talking about this now.) The last 2 Sundays on the way to church he has said, "I go see someone be baptized today?" I told him I hope so. Then when I picked him up from Sunday School, he said, "I go see someone be baptized now!" His Sunday School teacher looked at me like, "What did he just say?" She acted amazed that he even knew how to say the word, let alone that it involved water, church, etc.

One last funny... He is primarily with me (being the mother) and since I only work part-time so I guess he picks up on a lot of things that I do. The other day he wanted some lipstick and I explained to him that boys wear chapstick and he said no he wanted lip gloss. He also wants to use my lotion and the funniest thing happened the other while we were in the car. We were riding down the road and he said, "Momma, where is my purse?" I cracked up. (Jeff did not laugh though!) I explained to him that he has bags... not purses! (As you can see from the above pictures, Brooks is well stocked in the 31 bags that I sell. Bless his heart .. no wonder he is confused! Needless to say, I think that Jeff is going to spend some extra time this summer counteracting my make-up tips and which "purse" goes with which shoes:)

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Whitaker Family said...

LOL! These are cute stories. I like to hear what Brooks has been saying. Keeps us up to date. Yeah... he still amazes me by how well he talks. Good post! Also, Aden does the same thing with lotion... I've drawn the line when I put on fragrant lotion. I reach for dad's deodorant and put a few swipes (pretend) under his arms- that does the trick.