Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pierce is here!

We are so excited to announce that Lydia's brother, Pierce, was born last week! Emily called me about 1:00 am last Friday morning and told me "it's time." I jumped in my clothes and headed over to stay with Lydia while Marc and Emily headed to the hospital. Emily's mom got to their house about 7:00 am to stay with Lydia and I came back home. Pierce Lee Potvin was born about 2:00 Friday afternoon. We went to visit him at the hospital Saturday morning and we decided that he was definitely a keeper! Marc, Emily, and Pierce

Only siblings are allowed in the rooms at this hospital so Brooks had to stay in the waiting area. Miss Emily came out to say hello to him and he enjoyed that! (We have decided that he has a little crush on her!) Anyway, he has been fascinated with Miss Emily's growing stomach the last few months so he was amazed that it had gone down so much since we saw them Wednesday night!

This afternoon we headed over to the Potvin house so that Brooks could meet Pierce. He has been talking about seeing Pierce since Friday, but as soon as we got there all he wanted to do was play with Lydia!

Jeff enjoying Pierce.

I tried to slip him into my purse and take him home, but Lydia caught me! She said that I had to leave her brother there!

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