Monday, April 21, 2008

Old Hymns, Trickery, and a Relaxing weekend

This weekend we took it easy and enjoyed the nice weather. Our weekends have been really busy lately so it was so nice to stay around the house for a while. (I had to work extra this TCAPS so I was ready to be at home!) Anyway, Brooks cracked us up a lot yesterday! After we picked him up from TNT yesterday morning he began singing, "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the people rejoice." We just laughed, but all afternoon he sang,"Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord!" I asked his teacher last night if they had sung that old hymn in class because we didn't sing it during church and she looked puzzled and said, "No." Then she remembered that a kids Bible CD was playing while they were doing their centers so she said he might have heard it in there. Then last night when we got home from church, we were eating dinner and he began singing, "I Surrender All." I busted out laughing.... I never imagined hearing a little two year old singing the old hymn, "I Surrender All." (I guess this was another song on that CD in class.)
Also this weekend Brooks pulled his first big one over on me. He received a new sprinkler for his birthday in January. (It is a really cool ball that shoots water out of it in several directions.) We have it in a box in the garage. He has asked me several times if he can play with it and I always tell him that it is too cold for a water toy and we have to wait until summer when it is warmer. Well, yesterday we were working/playing outside and Brooks walked down the driveway a little and said, "Momma, it warm, feels like summer outside." I laughed and said, "Yes, Brooks it does feel like summer outside." As soon as I said that he darted into the garage and began pointing at the sprinkler. He said, "It summer, I play that!" I couldn't believe that I had fallen for his trick! I told him that yes it was warmer outside, but we could not get the sprinkler out yet...... I think that Jeff and I are in trouble..... Brooks is only two and already outsmarting us!

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