Monday, April 14, 2008

Lebanon Birthdays

We went to Lebanon this past weekend for a couple of different reasons. The most important being it was my mom and aunt's birthday... yes, they are twins. We had a low key, somewhat restful weekend. Brooks was recovering from the croup which went into a bad cold. He did not sleep well... 4:45am was what time he got up one morning! Anyway, we had fun seeing everyone and eating a great birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant, Demos'. Then we came back and had cake and ice cream at Grammie and Papa's house!
The other reason we came in was to go car shopping. My dad knows a good car dealer who is helping us get us a car at auction . Our white car is close to dying, but we can't complain. I have had "her" since I was 16... yes, 14 years! We call her White Heat because she has not had air conditioning in several years, the radio doesn't work, and it leaks oil. But, it is great on gas mileage! I usually drive it to my shows and I am a little scared that it will break down in Knoxville at night. So we have decided to bite the bullet and buy another "good gas mileage" car. This is not any easy task for us. As a lot of you know we are CHEAP and Dave Ramsey nuts. We do the envelope system and cash only policy with everything...except with the house of course. So we have to find a car in our budget that won't eat away at our savings...with that said... anyone want to donate us a car... ha ha! We found a few that we liked, but decided to keep looking.

Happy Birthday, Grammie and Aunt Fay

A somewhat family picture

Brooks loving cake!

Allison rode with us back from the restaurant. She is such a sweetie! Brooks LOVES her and Ian!

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