Friday, April 25, 2008

Beautiful April Days

The weather had been absolutely beautiful lately. Brooks and I have been to the park 3 different times this week! Yesterday, we met Miss Emily, Lydia, Pierce, Miss Lauren, and Cayman for a picnic and some fun at the park. I tried to take a few spring pictures of Brooks while we were there, but his smile is a little goofy right now (sweet, but goofy)!

Lydia still wants hugs from Brooks.

Working together to try to get a drink.

Brooks' favorite thing right now is swinging. I think he could have swung all day!

Cayman trying to catch up with Brooks and Lydia.

This is what Pierce did the entire time... he is so sweet!

After the park we went to have some ice cream at what we call "The giant ice cream cone." This place opened several months ago. We see this sign every time we go to church and the park and we always pretend that we are licking a big ice cream cone as we drive by. Well, yesterday we finally stopped and went in and enjoyed some good ice cream on a hot day!


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