Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Fun In Lebanon

We went to Lebanon during spring break for a few days. My brother's family got to come in too for a visit. We had not seen them since October and we were excited to meet their newest addition, Baby Vance. Brooks enjoyed playing with "Livie" and Melia and I think that they got a taste of what having a little brother is going to be like! When they would not play with him he would take their juice, poke them, steal their toys, etc. But, they played great 99% of the time!

Outside looking for Easter eggs and look who is going by Grammie and Papa's house..... JOE! (aka The Nashville Star - train)

Fun at the park!

It was very windy one day so we got to fly a kite. Brooks has been talking about flying a kite since we flew one at the beach in October.

Melia and Livie counting their eggs.

Grammie-the-Easter-Bunny came while we were their too!

Brooks playing at McDonalds on a rainy afternoon.

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