Monday, March 03, 2008

Go Ice Bears!

Friday night we went to an Ice Bears hockey game. Brooks has loved hockey ever since we went to the Preds game with Cousin Ian and the gang. Ian just turned four and he can tell you every player on the team, their number, position, etc! He is eaten up with HOCKEY! When we thought we had extra tickets to the Ice Bears game, Brooks said, "I get Ian to go with me."

We had fun. About 40 of Jeff's students went as a good behavior incentive, along with Brooks' friend Lydia, Rue-Rue and Papaw ,and cousin Meredith and her boyfriend, Chris.
Brooks and Lydia had fun cheering with Rue-Rue and Papaw.

During a break in the game everyone threw hockey pucks with their names on them out onto the ice. People (not us) won prizes for being close to certain vendors. Brooks loved throwing the puck!

Ice Bears are #1! Brooks wore his hockey shirt to the game. (Don't tell anyone but this is actually a pajama top passed down from Ian!)

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