Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prayer request

I am not sure if many of you know who Rick and Bubba are but I would like to ask all of you to check out their web page Kristy and I (thanks to Gwyn) have become fans of the Rick and Bubba radio show. These two guys are good Christian men and are very funny. They used to be on Turner South until it was bought out. Now they are on the radio. We learned a few days ago that Rick's two year son had fallen into the pool at their home and drowned. I would like to encourage each of you to keep this family in your prayers. Also, go to their webpage, click on the video link at the bottom of the page to hear a powerful message from Rick. This one of those messages that you hear and cannot help but to be moved. You can also see this message on Just type in Rick Burgess. Enjoy and keep praying for this family.

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