Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Hivey" New Year

Last Sunday afternoon we drove up to the mountains where Rue Rue and Papaw had a chalet rented for New Year's. The chalet was fine, but probably not as nice as we had hoped. We all slept OK and then went and ate pancakes at our favorite spot, The Pancake Pantry. During breakfast, I noticed that Brooks had "bumps" on his hands. By the time we got back to the chalet there were about 15 bumps on his hands and 2 on his face. Rue Rue thought that they looked like chicken pox so we called the doctor and they said that it probably wasn't the chicken pox since he had been vaccinated, but that he did need to be seen. So our mountain adventure ended about 16 hours after we got there! We drove back and got in to the see doctor and I kid you not ---HE DID NOT HAVE A SPOT ON HIM! We laughed and told our 71 year old peditrician and he said that it sounded like HIVES. He said that if they return again then that is what they are. He said that a variety of things can cause hives, but the cold weather can actually make you "break out." The only thing that we can figure is that it was something that he was allergic to in the chalet and us standing outside in the cold waiting to get into to eat pancakes is what set off the bumps. He has broken out several times since then, each time after being outside only for a couple of minutes. (We took him to Walmart Wednesday and from the parking lot to the inside he broke out terribly and about clawed his hands off.) So basically this week we have been confined to the house. OH, the many adventures of a sensitive skin child.......... So from our house to yours..........HIVEY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I didn't get too many pictures since we were only there a short time!)

Our Mountain Mansion
Playing while waiting to eat (delicious) pancakes at the Pancake Pantry.

Rue Rue and Brooks throwing rocks down the mountain.

Ready to ring in the NEW YEAR at 8:00 pm....... at HOME!

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