Monday, January 28, 2008

The Big 2-Year-Old

Well, we had a great day yesterday. It was Brooks' official Birthday. We had a great time together as a family and he truly enjoyed his BIG day. I think we sang, "Happy Birthday," about 15-20 times over the course of the weekend and blew out countless candles (which is right up a firebug's alley). It was a memorable day!

Happy Birthday, Brooks! Yes, that is a candle in his oatmeal!
Brooks turned two at 1:21 am this morning! Our sweet boy ready for church... and looking at a UT football book. He loves basketball and football.

Brooks does this after every service at church - leads the singing. I happen to have my camera today so I took his picture singing...too cute!

After church we headed to a new Pizza place. Brooks loves pizza so we thought he would enjoy this on his special day.

After Brooks woke up from his nap Sunday afternoon he said, "I have a party." I explained to him that his BIG party was the day before. He acted a little sad until I asked him if he wanted a left over cupcake as a snack with his milk... He liked that idea. Of course we had to do the candle and sing again!

Birthday dinner ... Sunday night after church we celebrated again!

A birthday picture with Papaw and Rue Rue

Brooks celebrating with Uncle Tommy and Uncle Roger

Happy Birthday from Aubrey's Restaurant!

I could get use to this cake stuff!

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