Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Yesterday we went to the Coada Family farm. The Coada children go to our school and Mrs. Coada brings their prize turkey, Black Jack, to school every year for the children to see. I asked her if we could bring Brooks by the farm since he LOVES turkeys right now and she said that would be great. So after school yesterday, Miss Emily brought Lydia and Brooks to Greenback to meet us and we all went farming together. On the farm they had, cattle, peacocks, rabbits, ducks, dogs, and LOTS OF TURKEYS! Brooks liked the turkeys, but his favorite was splashing rocks in their pond. We all had fun on the farm!

(We about saw more than we wanted because they had just killed and plucked two turkeys before we got there. They were putting them in bags as we drove up ........YUCK!)

Brooks loved looking at the turkey from afar rather than up close.

Farmer Brooks

Lydia, ain't they beautiful? You stick with me and I will buy you a farm with turkeys one day!

Awwww Broooks, I love you!

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