Friday, October 19, 2007

Sentences Galore

Brooks has been speaking in short sentences for several weeks. However, ever since we returned from vacation his sentences have been growing. Monday as we passed Sonic and he said, "I go to Sonic and eat." I about wrecked the car! Did I have a 20 month old in the car or a 3 year old? Then he is been saying, "I want more to eat." Today I heard him say, "Do we drop our Bibles? No!" (That is something his teacher says in Wednesday night class.) I think being around older cousins sparked his already growing communication skills!
Also today I was putting on his tennis shoes for our weekly Wal-mart outing and I guess he was surprised to be wearing tennis shoes since he has lived in Crocs (the generics of course) for about the last 4 months. He looked up and said, "Brooks go run." I guess that he has seen Jeff and me put on our tennis shoes to go running so he thought that is what he should do too! I busted out laughing!
Of course with the sentences comes the, "No, momma." I guess you have to take a little bad with the all the good!

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a bird said...

Don't you think that having a smart Momma and Daddy could contribute to his "smarts"? You two are doing a great job with our first grandchild!