Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our new bathroom!

Brooks continues to make us laugh. Whenever we go somewhere he always want to "drive" when we get back home. So I have begun to put him in the front seat while I unload things from the car (and no he cannot put the car in gear- it has a safety gear). Anyway, I have noticed that several times when I have let him drive that he has gone to the bathroom #2 (he already likes his privacy). This is a big deal because if he doesn't get this over with before his nap then he usually wakes up early and is cranky the rest of the night. So sometimes if he hasn't gone to the bathroom before nap time I ask him if he wants to go drive and he always says, "YES!" Almost always he will do his business while "driving" alone. We put him in the car on Sunday afternoon and looked over and he was holding up the dental floss. I tore him off some and when I looked back over he was flossing his teeth. (I didn't know that he knew what dental floss was!) I cracked up and told Jeff that I guess we have a new bathroom!


Tracy said...

I wasn't shocked to see that Brooks is watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Ha ha! Love y'all!

whitakerfamily said...

Hilarious! What an entertainer. You guys are never going to have a dull moment with Brooks always doing something new.