Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun with my cousins!

It was so neat to see Brooks with his cousins this week. This is the first time that they have actually really played together. Melia was my "babysitter" for some of the trip and she really did a great job. Livie and Brooks played the most together. Every night before bed he would pray for "Ivie and Maeah." We can't wait to add another boy cousin to the mix in a couple of months!

The three amigos
Jeff showing the kids how to fly a kite. It was a great sunny and windy day!

Balloon animals from AJ's Resturant. Livie was scared of the good captain!

Livie showing Brooks how to make a sandcastle.
Papa showing the grandkids a new game - tic-tac-toe.
Brooks says, "I'm done with this picture thing!"

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