Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finally, some new toys!

Brooks has been pretty cranky lately when we are at home. I began thinking that he is probably bored with his toys. I think that the last new toys he received were ones he got for his birthday in January. (Are we terrible parents?) I know we are pretty cheap, but I began to feel somewhat guilty. So tonight we went out and bought a few new toys for Brooks. He seemed to really enjoy them and actually entertained himself for awhile! Maybe these will hold us until Christmas!

I caught a big one, dad!

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Holly said...

This post is too funny because we have done Lucas the same way! Nana and Papa and Ger Ger have provided so many toys that we haven't bought him anything in so long! Finally at Sam's the other day we bought him a new fire truck and helicopter! It did feel like he was getting bored with the old toys!