Saturday, August 04, 2007

Family Reunion

Last Saturday we went to a family reunion in Lebanon. We try to go every year because we enjoy seeing a lot of my dad's family that we don't get to see much the rest of the year. The reunion is always at Cousin Rita and Bobby's house on the lake. They have a beautiful property, complete with a swimming pool, jet skis, and even a big houseboat. This year we went on the evening houseboat cruise. Brooks had a ball!

Livie and Brooks playing fetch
Melia got to ride a jet ski for the first time.

Bobby and Rita's houseboat and the view from their pool

Family picture on the boat

Brooks kept his mouth open a lot. He liked the breeze hitting his tongue.

While we were on our "cruise" Melia thought she saw a shark. I told her there are a lot of things in Old Hickory Lake, but sharks are not one of them!

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