Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fruits of the spirit + glue = TASTY

Brooks has been doing better in Sunday School lately so Sunday we decided to try TNT (Toddlers in Training) during the sermon. It is normally for 2 year olds, but we are tired of wrestling all during church. I said each Sunday after the closing prayer I keep waiting for a bell to ding and tell me who won the match - us or Brooks. So anyway, I took Brooks down to TNT and stayed with him during his first time. They played for awhile and then it was time for a lesson on the fruits of the spirit. Then they began a craft gluing fruit cereal along the border of the paper. I helped Brooks and Lydia with their paper and then noticed that Brooks was dipping his "fruits" in the glue and then eating them. I tried to explain to him that the glue was not a dipping sauce, but I don't think he really understood! You can see the missing "spirits!"

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