Saturday, July 07, 2007

Brooks' Friday Night Date

It had been a while since Brooks and Lydia had had a chance to play together (other than seeing each other on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights) so we went over last night for a (play) date. Mr. Marc was out of town and Daddy was working out so the Mommies had to chaperone. They had such a good time. I think that I am out of the running for Mother of the Year though. Brooks was bitten by 3 more mosquitoes before I could get the Off on him (that makes about 10 total now - can we say SENSITIVE skin), and then I let him fall off of Lydia's trampoline. They don't have a net on it and he ran to the other side before I could get there and just kept running and fell and landed on his back. He cried for a while, but thankfully he was fine! The aches and itchiness could have ruined the date, but it didn't!

Chronicles from a 17 month old's date:

Brooks heads over to pick up his date. He was very excited!
(Bear with me on this one!) Brooks jumped into Lydia's car when we got there and when we looked back she had climbed in too with her baby! A song came to mind and I busted out laughing. ("Chrome", by Trace Atkins . . . . "Chrome, I said hey little girl you sure look nice, you want a ride, she climbed inside and said, Heck no, I want to drive.")

The dinner conversation was hilarious. Lydia sneezed and some of her food came out and Brooks thought that was just plain cool. So he began spitting his food out and then Lydia would and they just about lost their breath they were both laughing so hard! Emily and I were laughing so much, it was hard to tell them to stop.
After dinner they played outside in the water and Lydia shared some of her great toys.

You know the date is going well when you get to take a bath together (HA HA - Just kidding.) Emily and I explained to Brooks and Lydia that you can only take baths with a date when you are both under the age of two!
Every good date ends with a hug and a kiss!

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